Dirty Car Art by Scott Wade

I should have carried my camera yesterday.  I missed the chance to take pictures of two very different vehicles, both advertising the same kind of business.

But the visual is still important, so I’ll take a few paragraphs here to describe them.

The first was a 15-year old station wagon (a Buick or Oldsmobile) with the dirtiest windows in town.  The driver’s ineptitude and the subsequent crashes had disfigured both rear fenders and there was a taped window on the passenger’s side.  Someone had written “wash me” in the dust of the back windshield.  A cardboard sign taped in the back window advertised the owner’s business.

The second was a ten-year old crew-cab pickup.  The dark color was perfectly shined and the tinted windows had no bubbling.  The rims were shiny, but conservative.  The truck was not new, but it was obviously well-cared for, especially for it’s age.  The business advertisement was stenciled on the side window and listed the name of the LLC and the bonded/insured company’s state license number.

Which one offers a cheaper service?  Probably the crappy car, right?

Which one would you hire to clean your house?  Because that’s what they were selling.

People often claim that all they want when they die is either a “plain pine box” or the “cheapest cremation possible.”  But no one wants to use a company that is filthy, has ugly equipment or acts wrecklessly.

And while the owner of that ugly, filthy station wagon might do great work (we all know people with immaculate offices who, nevertheless, have messes in their own homes) but I’ll never find out, because the first appearance turned me off.

Make sure you’re not sending the wrong signals to possible clients.  That means either ugly, dirty buildings, poorly designed yellow page ads, crappy websites or bad driving in marked vehicles.

Every step you make and everything that bears the name of your firm affects your reputation.

I’ll be taking a few days off so don’t be surprised if there aren’t any new posts until after Christmas.  Besides, you should be spending time with your family, not reading my ramblings!  Happy holidays.