My sister and her wife, Jennifer, love maroon, or so they say.  So I decided to give them a variation on the traditional double wedding ring quilt by weaving some “ribbons” for them.

So I cut wide strips of my three maroon-ish colors and tiny 1″ strips of my black fabric, as seen here:

Then, I pressed them open, like this:

Then I cut 7.5″ squares and stacked them opposite ways and sewed them, like this:

Then they looked like this:

THENNNNN, I sewed them all together in a really boring process, until they looked like:

In the end, I added a black border (over parts of which I continued the “ribbons”) and backed it with the same black fabric, so it looked like this:

The colors “weave” in and out of each other (especially visible up-close) and suggest an intertwining.  I kinda think the very light color is Jen (she’s a sweet, quiet woman) and the paisley is my sister, Crystal (not so quiet).  Without the darker color (love) they wouldn’t be so strong.

Of course, if you don’t like syrupy sentiment, then it’s just a really cool geometric design.