Our friends at Funeral Business Advisor (including Michael Manley, a regular contributor to Final Embrace) have been enjoying continued success.

 In fact, the success is so… well, successful, that they’re increasing their page count for their January/February issue.

In a private email (don’t worry, I got permission to share this with you), Michael told me how increased advertising demand is forcing him to expand his magazine by four pages!

But it gets better for you, my readers.  Michael’s new plan calls for 56 pages, but because the printing company only charges a miniscule amount to go four more to 60 pages, he wants to offer something special to our readers.

FBA has a limited amount of additional advertising available at full-, half- and quarter-pages.  He’s also adding content, which means you’ll see some an editorial from me in those extra pages and an ad from COTCOVERS.com.

Michael has given me the ad rates (they’re quite attractive!) and has allowed me to share them with any interested readers.

Want to know more?  Call Tim (that’s me!) at 321-287-0628 or email me at finalembraceonline@gmail.com.

Time’s short, so call or email ASAP.