I’ve received two very special gifts that I love a lot.

One is a subscription to Quilter’s Home (a great magazine).  It’s not a stuffy, old lady magazine.  Designed for younger (and younger-at-heart) quilters, the magazine tackles issues ranging from important sewing techniques to quilter’s comfort foods to how to tell if your husband is cheating while you’re quilting!

The other is a PSP, which stands for PlayStation Portable.  It’s a handheld videogame system that absolutely rocks!  I happen to love football and playing Madden NFL or College Football 2007 on my PSP is totally awesome.

While playing my game on Christmas day, I silently marvelled at the technology that allows me to hold what looks and sounds like a real football game in my hands and control the outcome of each play.  What would people just 20 years ago think of such a device?  How about 100 years ago?

We live in a fast-paced, changing world where things move as breakneck speed.  Imagine being a videogame maker who has to deal with constantly-shifting technologies.

Sometimes I’m glad that we make our living in an industry that moves so much slower.  Still, when you see a change coming (cremation, green burials, etc.) imagine how much worse it’d be if you were in a more fluid industry.

You still have time to act and to position your business.

I’m going to get back to my videogame now.