I remember this like it was just last week.  But I also remember all the stuff that happened in between, when orders exploded and now this looks like standard business at COTCOVERS.com, rather than the huge event it was for our company at the time.

In March of 2006, this represented a full month’s worth of order.  Now, it’s closer to a week’s worth.  What’s more, there are times that we do this much in a day!

I ran across this picture when I was deciding what to put on my Flickr photostream.  (Flickr’s an Internet photo album that lets me share my pictures with family and friends)

I also found pictures of three cot covers we designed and never sold.  They’re still available, so if you want to buy one, we’ve got a nice 25% discount off our regular prices!

The Crossroads series was designed with a black section at each end to ward off dirty hand-imprints when making a removal.  Turns out that’s not the biggest concern for directors and we decided to drop the design after we didn’t get any response from our customers.

But they’re still quite nice, so take advantage of a 25% discount and buy one today by calling Tim at 321-287-0628 or emailing finalembraceonline@gmail.com.