I have a few folks in my life who constantly marvel at my artistic abilities.  When I sew up a funky doll or layout a quilt, I get looks of amazement.

Of course, when I tell them that they, too can learn to make cool stuff or draw, they stammer and beg off, saying “I’m just not creative like you.”

Usually I say “pish-posh” and proceed to show them that, yes, they too have creativity.

But there are a few people I know who can’t, for the life of them, get the hang of creativity. 

I have dubbed them the “Terminally Non-Creative.”

Now, before you think I’m trying to make them feel bad or suggest that there is anything wrong with not being creative, remember that it takes all kinds to run the world.  In fact, I often think about what it must be like to not think creatively about fabric or colors or drawings.  I’ve wondered what it might be like to see a single-panel cartoon and just laugh, without imagining what happens after or what the characters look like from behind.

Too often, my creative mind takes over, and I struggle to finish a mundane task or organize my workspace properly (you should see my studio after a weekend of feverish sewing!) because I bounce to the next thing WAYYY too fast.

There are times that I actually lament not being better at organizing my bills or keeping receipts in perfect order or writing stuff down when people tell me.  But then I meet people who do all those things, and they lament not being able to draw a horse or cook an inspired meal or write stories about murderous robot maids who knock over gas stations looking for servo oil and…  oops!  Got off on a tangent there.

It takes me a minute to remember that the important thing is not whether you’re pretty or smart or creative or organized.  The important thing is what you do with your abilities.  How do you affect the world with your gifts?

So I’ll never amaze the world with my staggering filing skills.  Fortunately, I have other gifts to fall back on.