Like you, I have a few websites I visit on a regular basis.

Some I visit to see upcoming weather (will I need an umbrella tonight?), others I consult to see the latest football scores from around the NFL or college.  Still others give me a chuckle.

But since I also edit this website, I find myself consulting a few more sites to stay abreast of all the kinds of news you might be interested in hearing.

Included in the 50+ websites I check everyday (through my Google Reader, a great blog-collecting tool!) are some funeral industry sites that you might find useful. 

They are, in no particular order:

FuneralNet.  This one is designed to appeal to both funeral professionals and the general public.  I go to the top right corner of the page and choose “Classifieds” from the drop-down menu.  Then I press GO.  This is where I can see what kind of products are being offered, who’s got job openings and who’s looking for a job.

Funeral Wire.  This site constantly updates industry headlines, aggregated from other sites.  They also show the current stock prices for industry companies and offer guest columns from various industry sources.  They used to feature a (almost) daily article by the editor, Doug Hernan, but he’s since moved on to another company.

Funeral Words.  This blog is written by B.T. Hathaway.  He’s a funeral director and manages several family firms.  He features both professional content (reviews of articles, marketing ideas, etc.) and personal insights (editorials about the meaning of funeral service).  I met B.T. at the NFDA Convention in Vegas, although I’d been reading his work for quite a few months.

Embalmed to the Max.  I have no idea who runs this site, other than identifying the writer as a mortuary student.  The site features some interesting takes on funeral service, while providing links to stories and videos that are usually a bit off the beaten path.

Life in the Garden.  This one’s run by the folks behind Urn Garden.  I like the “everyday feel” of this blog, as Linette shares her day-to-day musings on death, cremation and urns in general.

In Repose Blog.  My good friend, Candace Craw-Goldman writes this blog.  She’s taken some time away from it lately, since she closed her online memorial website, In Repose.  I’m glad she was able to see that the website wasn’t going to be successful anytime soon, since Candace has so many other things she can dedicate her time to (kids, great photography, her horses).  I’ve been a guest writer for Candace and will continue it, if her readers still have questions.

The Final Taxi.  This site is written by an engaging fellow who puts together some pretty impressive obituaries of the famous and infamous.  His site includes podcasts, interviews and some great links to other resources.