I bought my Flip Camera after trying (unsuccessfully) to get our interviews from the NFDA Convention onto the blog.

Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder, 60-Minutes (Black) 

The Flip Camera records up to 60 minutes of video directly to MPEG4 format on an internal harddrive.

Now, the video is not exactly studio quality.  It’s more suited for quick talking head stuff or for posting to the internet.

Of course, that’s where the Flip Camera excels, because after you record the video, you can plug it right into a computer’s USB port.  The “Flip” in the name comes from the USB connection, which flips out of the side of the camera, so no cords to keep track of.

I used the Flip camera in my car to record this intro:

The camera cost me $159 on Amazon.

I’ll be using it to conduct interviews with funeral professionals and to make short videos about my family and friends.  I’ll even be taping a quick explanation of our quilted cot covers, so people who visit our cot cover website can see more of the features up close.