I got a few email responses to the post titled Ignore the Rules: The Cliff Young Story.  Some folks liked my insistence that rules were made to be broken.  Others think my ideas about ignoring the rules just invite failure.

First, let me acknowledge that if my initial business plans had failed, I wouldn’t be here sharing my “wisdom.”  So I guess I was on to something with my strategy.

And, as I have learned from chatting with other entrepreneurs and from my paid consulting clients, there are some products and services that just won’t work, no matter how unique your plan is.

The $50 kitty wig shown here (available from Kitty Wigs) might be one example.

At last year’s IFDF Convention in Orlando, I met a man who shared how much he disliked my product.  In fact, he spent a few minutes telling me all the things wrong with it before I finally told him that my product WAS successful and the things he disliked were what made my product a big seller.

If I had only listened to his take on our quilted cot covers, I’d have believed my product was junk and that I should stick with my day job.

But I didn’t, because I have faith in my product and had tested it with hundreds of funeral professionals before I made the big push.

Incidentally, the man finished his conversation by saying he’d tried to make a similar product and didn’t get a good response.  He was convinced that no one would like my covers because his had been different and still couldn’t get any sales.  I resisted the urge to point out that maybe his product wasn’t as good as mine.

So get broad-based reaction from people who won’t spare your feelings. 

Then you can ask yourself two questions:  Great product?  Or kitty wig?

It should be noted that I’ve never tried a kitty wig and they might be the greatest thing ever.  They just strike me as kinda dumb.