I can make it official now.  Final Embrace (more specifically, me, Tim Totten) has a new feature in the Funeral Business Advisor magazine.

Beginning next issue, which just went to print, you’ll be able to read reviews of industry products.

FBA’s Michael Manley and I have been working hard on this new feature.  We’ve hammered out some specific guidelines that will help keep the reviews objective without compromising his magazine’s relationship with advertisers.

Simply put, Final Embrace will be responsible for the text of the reviews.  Favorable reviews will not be a result of advertising money spent with FBA and critical reviews (hopefully) will not turn off an advertiser.

Michael and I have agreed that while we want the magazine to be completely impartial, I also understand that FBA might not want to print a negative review of a funeral product. 

But we also don’t want to damage anyone’s reputation, which means he won’t be printing reviews for products that we just don’t like.  I’d rather ignore a product that say bad things about it.

Our first review column features the Legacy Board from Remembrace Reproductions, the Memorial Photo Guest Book from Adesso Albums and The Colors of Honor Print & Program from Thomas Poolton.

And we’re accepting submissions for our next columns.  If you’d like us to feature your product, drop me a line at finalembraceonline@gmail.com.  Our team of testers will check out your product (yes, online products, like website development qualify) and submit a review.

Of course, if the review is unfavorable, we’ll give you the option to remove your product from consideration.  At that point, we’ll keep our review to ourselves.

We’d love to feature your product, so keep those submissions coming!