For anyone skeptical that pet owners will (and already do) turn to funeral homes to provide cremation or burial services for their pet, I offer a blog entry from a veterinary clinic worker.  Here’s an excerpt:

Worst of all this week was Thursday morning a lady who isn’t a client at all whose dog died at home and she brought it in to be cremated. First she stayed several hours to take up the technicians time explaining over and over how a dog is cremated.
Where is the dog going to be until they pick the body up?
What time do they come and pick the bodies up?
Where do the bodies go?
Where are they before they get cremated?
How are they cremated?
How long does it take? 

And another excerpt: 

Then she called every hour all day long asking the same questions over and over. Then Friday she called and asked for Rick (who had been working yesterday). I didn’t recognize it was her at first. Rick has a crazy stalker (really) and I thought it was the stalker so I just told her he wasn’t going to be in at all Friday (Which actually turned out to be true). This was CRAZY CREMATION LADY’S opportunity to try and get all these weird “special” services that the cremation company doesn’t offer.

The “special” services she’s talking about include saving a lock of dog hair and making a plaster cast of the dog’s pawprint.

If my funeral home was across the street from this veterinarian, I’d be offering pet services this afternoon!