My friends at the fire department are extremely sensitive to the rigors of their profession, not only the risk of death in a fire, but also the dangers of heart disease.

Jarrett Dixon, a Baltimore County firefighter, died from a heart condition in the line of duty.  In fact, the problem of heart disease within the profession has become so acute that the state of Florida (where I live) passed the Heart and Lung Bill, which requires fire departments to be responsible for the heart and lung health of their firefighters.

The image above is from the funeral.  The pallbearers are removing his casket from the firetruck which transported him to the cemetery.

The picture and details are from the report by Michael Schwartzberg.  He’s got a whole bunch of photos of the funeral, along with the full story of firefighter Dixon.  You can see the full story here.

If you’ve never done an active duty firefighter or police officer funeral, now would be a good time to contact your local fire and police departments and ask for a copy of their funeral protocols.  Better yet, make sure they know you’ll use the protocols to train your staff so your firm will be prepared if a tragedy were to occur.  This might endear you to the public safety workers in your area.