The Florida presidential primary is now one week away, and I’ve begun receiving telephone calls from candidates.

I’ve voted in every election I was eligible to participate in, so I’ve got a long voting record (not a record of how I voted, but a recording of my trips to the polls) and the candidates know it.

I’ve also been a registered Republican for the entire time.  And since there are 800 people running for the Republican nomination this time (well, maybe not that many) I’ve been getting a lot of calls.

Of course, it also helps that my partner, Michael, gives money to the Republican Party, which means we’re on their mailing list BIG TIME.

So I got a robo-call from Mitt Romney last night.  For those who don’t know, a robo-call is one of the pre-recorded calls from a candidate or someone supporting them.

Then I got a political survey call this afternoon.  However, what started out sounding like a real survey quickly turned into a political ad.  Here’s a recreation of the exchange as best as I can recall:

RECORDED MALE VOICE:  Do you intend to vote in the January 29th primary?
ME:  Yes.

VOICE:  If you have the choice between Mitt Romney, Rudy Guiliani, Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson or John McCain, would you vote for Mitt Romney?
ME:  No.

VOICE:  Would you vote for Rudy Guiliani?
ME:  No.

VOICE:  Would you vote for Mike Huckabee?
ME:  No.

VOICE:  Would you vote for Fred Thompson?
ME:  No.

VOICE:  Would you vote for John McCain?
ME:  No.

VOICE:  Fact – Mitt Romney has changed his stance on abortion five times, Rudy Guiliani pushed to make abortion part of government programs and John McCain refused to vote against partial birth abortion.  Only Governor Mike Huckabee chooses to center his legislative ideals on the principle of respecting human life.  Do these facts make you more likely to vote for Governor Huckabee?
ME:  No.

VOICE:  Fact – Only Mike Huckabee supports an amendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman.  Does this make you more likely to vote for Mike Huckabee.
ME:  No.

VOICE:  Are you male?
ME:  Yes.

VOICE:  Are you over 50 years old?
ME:  No.

VOICE:  This poll was paid for by (some PR group I can’t remember) and does not support any particular candidate. 
ME:  Yeah, right!

This tells me that Mike Huckabee, who’s hoping that Christians will see him as the more religious candidate, is willing to OUTRIGHT lie about his record as compared to his opponents’ records and use other groups to forward his aims.

The law that keeps a group from advertising for a candidate outright is pretty clear:  NO CAMPAIGNING FOR A SPECIFIC CANDIDATE!  So what was this? 

Do I care that this was paid for by an outside group?  No!  Will most of the people who hear this message think that it was approved by the Huckabee campaign?  Um… yeah!

This is the same candidate who directed his team to create an ad attacking Mitt Romney and then called a press conference to announce the ad, only to have “second thoughts” and pull the ad, but not before showing it to reporters to prove that the ad really existed.

Even better, the press corps in the room reports that the ad was played several times and they were encouraged to record it as “proof.” 

There are some very specific guidelines that I use when judging whether someone is truly a Christian.  Following the tenets of Christ is the biggest one.  I have never connected the concept of deceit or subterfuge with Christ.  I also admire Jesus’ admonition to turn the other cheek when attacked. 

Which may be why I’m not casting my vote for Mike Huckabee.