My recent post, How I Voted in Florida, has stirred some debate about the purpose of this blog.  Jose wrote:

I know you included a disclaimer, but I come here to read about your expert opinions on funeral service sir, NOT politics.

I hope you’ll refrain in the future from the political rhetoric and stick to your great funeral service tips and commentary.

Yes, I did include a disclaimer.  And I did speak about politics.  However, the term rhetoric suggests I was over-the-top with my language ( says “the undue use of exaggeration or display; bombast”) or was attempting to be overly persuasive.

Now, I am not shy about my beliefs or my morality.  My steadfast faith in the sanctity of personal property and contract law guide me as I run a business and interact with others in the world.  So while I can’t apologize for living by a code, I can promise that I have no plans to turn this into a political blog.

And my post were in response to a comment left by a valued reader.  I have held off sharing my views because I don’t want to displease my regular readers.

Of course, Jose has every right to complain.  But I own this particular “printing press” so the best he can do is stop reading.  Of course, I’d hate to see that, as I have worked hard to make Final Embrace (the blog) a valuable place for funeral professionals just like Jose.

I promise to continue to bring you the latest in funeral industry news and opinion, but I can’t promise that I won’t occasionally throw in a personal statement or an experience from my own life.  I am, after all, the person who generates the majority of the content you see here and I cannot, however much I try, remove my personality completely.

Unfortunately, I can’t promise you much in the way of brilliant funeral industry insight today, as my nose won’t stop running and I’ve got a wicked cough.  So check back for more tomorrow.