If I hadn’t already made up my mind about who to vote for, I’d be crossing John McCain and Mitt Romney off my list today.

I went home sick today.  In fact, I’m only writing this post because I’m so annoyed by all the phone calls I’ve been getting.

First, Mitt Romney (pre-recorded) calls to tell me why it’s so important that I vote for him tomorrow.  He even called me by name, which had to have taken a long time for him to record so many different names so that the computer could pick the right one when it dialed my number.

Twenty minutes later, John McCain calls.  Once again, a recording.  Did you know he served in the military?  (Sarcasm intended)

Ten minutes after that, someone sounding like Florida governor Charlie Crist calls.  He tells me that John McCain is wrong for our country because he supports ILLEGAL immigration.  Everytime the voice says “illegal” theres a huge emphasis on it.

Fifteen minutes later, the real Charlie Crist calls me to say that he’s supporting John McCain and that, as my governor, he strongly urges me to do the same thing.

If I can get past Charlie using the office of the governor to stump for a specific candidate, I still can’t believe the amount of money and effort being expended to ANNOY THE CRAP OUT OF ME!

Of course, my guy’s polling at less than 10% in Florida. 

One more dumb note:  I can see why John McCain is spending so much money; people are finally starting to send him some through fundraising.  But Gov. Romney is, according to reports, burning through a large chunk of his own cash.  I guess he REALLY wants to be the president.