I’ve been taking a bit of flack lately (mostly from Jose) about political comments I’ve made on the blog.

So I want to clear this up and tie it back into funerals, as I originally intended before I got sidetracked answering comments from readers.

In the post, It’s Florida Election Time Again, I detailed some of the annoying and frankly, underhanded recorded phone calls I was receiving from political candidates.

I intended to follow up that post with a longer discussion of invasive advertising techniques and how extreme competition between firms can actually damage the customer base.

But before I wrote that piece, I chose to answer a few comments.  Lenette took the time to comment on the blog, which is a rarity.  So I explained why I am a Republican in a post titled, How I Voted in Florida.

Jose’s reaction was to call my writing “rhetoric” and to complain about my post. 

Now, I take reader comments very seriously, and answered him with the post, I Didn’t Mean to Use “Rhetoric”.

Jose responded again by saying:

Enough of these political diatribes sir! I will continue to faithfully read this blog, but I’ll look forward to when you are feeling better and concentrating on your strength – commenting on this great profession of ours. You are a great asset to our funeral industry and I hope you will return the focus soon.

Fair enough, Jose.

As I was saying (or writing) earlier, too often hateful words or strife between competitors can turn off the customer base.  While I tweak (between sniffles) a longer post about this destructive practice, check out the posts, Daily Nag: Love Thy Neighbor and Stop Badmouthing the Competition!