I recently sold a cot cover to a funeral professional in Gainesville, Florida.  Home to the University of Florida and the famed Shands Hospital, Gainesville boasts its share of funeral homes and, hopefully soon, a removal service.

Joby wrote this letter about the quilted cot cover he recently purchased:

I am finally getting around to writing you after ordering my first cot cover from cotcovers.com.  As you may remember, we spoke a couple of times prior to the holidays as I was in the process of establishing a removal business in Gainesville, FL.  I have successfully jumped through the hoops of Removal Service Licensure with the final “embrace” (I couldn’t resist) on Feb 6th, when the funeral & cemetery board meets – and hopefully gives me their stamp of approval. 

I wanted to let you know how much I love the cot cover “Old Glory” I purchased from you.  As a funeral home employee, it was fitting when the very next call we received after “Old Glory” got here was at the V.A. Hospital where I had the opportunity to show it off to the staff members who loved it.  Since then, Old Glory has been working hard, clearly standing out – and definitely outshining the tacky, 1960’s “fuzzy wuzzy” covers it sees in the hallways of most healthcare facilities.  I get a chuckle when I see the outdated covers – complete with their firm name proudly emblazoned on the side, as if passersby were going to see this and exclaim “Look honey, its Smedlap and Son’s Funeral Home! Let’s call them if Aunt Matilda dies…”

On a more serious note, I do want to thank you for your progressive, yet, tradition-honoring vision by bringing us your beautiful covers.  What you have done, in my opinion, is take a standard, funeral industry piece of equipment and create a head turning, comment generating work of art.  I even had a group of medical students at Shands Hospital stop me and ask for my funeral home name and business card because they wanted to know which funeral home thought enough to ditch the old covers and use these more gentle, appropriate covers. 

Here’s the kicker: They wanted to bring it up in class!  How is that for great marketing?  A bunch of soon-to-be Doc’s subconsciously getting our business name in their minds as the funeral home of choice when a loved one’s family asks for their recommendation.  I know, they aren’t suppose to recommend one particular firm, but I do wonder how many can only recall one funeral home name when a family asks for their opinion…

As soon as I am formally “board approved,” I will send you a card and will be ordering an additional cot cover from you.  My only problem is, I can’t decide which one.  Seriously, they are all so gorgeous – and with the recent new editions, I’m even more befuddled.  I think I’ll take a poll of family and friends and see what non-industry folks think.

 All the best,
Joseph “Joby” Wise
Wise FirstCare Transport
Gainesville, FL
(352) 339 – 4536

If you need a removal service in Central or North Central Florida, consider calling Joby.  He’s extremely professional and has already proven himself to the folks at Milam Funeral Home in Gainesville.