A new website, Speaking of Death, has formed to provide a clearinghouse for funeral, cemetery, cremation and disaster planning industry speakers.

Essentially, the site allows a person in need of an industry speaker to see a wide range of available experts and topics.  The site, which is still being fleshed out, will aggregate not only speaker biographies, but also engagement fees and current schedules. 

The guy who’s putting this together, Robert Borning, has sent me some preliminary info about the site, along with a note to keep an eye out for their main press push.

They’re also looking for a main sponsor of the site, who will provide the annual funding for the technology (about $250 a year) and receive credit on the site for the sponsorship.  Anyone interested?

When they get rolling, Robert and the folks at Speaking of Death will target industry groups, medical examiners, Red Cross groups and other folks interested in having a deathcare or disaster situation expert speak at their event.

So check out this new resource at www.speakingofdeath.com.