Robin Heppell, Funeral FuturistThe guy to the right, Robin Heppell of the Funeral Futurist, and I recently spent 40 minutes discussing the future of the funeral industry and the Internet, and how the industry can use blogging to market services right now.

You can hear our interview on The Funeral Futurist website in a post titled, Blogging for Funeral Homes with Tim Totten.

After that interview, I also spent 15 minutes chatting with a gentleman from American Funeral Director Magazine (the one published by Kates-Boylston).

He wanted to discuss how funeral homes can use blogs to better connect with a community and a general funeral audience.

Here’s a super-simplified version of my thoughts on funeral blogging:

1.  Blogs are, at the very least, a place to practice your pitch and interaction with clients for free.
2.  A blog can be a free online obituary listing for your firm.
3.  Blogging reveals your true voice, which lets people see the “real you.”
4.  Blogging focuses your thoughts.
5.  Blogging can create a few evangelists or “true fans” who will help spread the word about you to the community.
6.  Blogging connects you to the tech-savvy members of your community.

For more, listen to the Funeral Futurist interview or check out an upcoming issue of American Funeral Director.