Every once in a while I get a few minutes to visit all the other sites that link to our blog and I’m usually surprised at the sheer number of people who find useful stuff on our site to tell their own readers about.

I just had a chance to review links from February and March, and have made a startling discovery:  The subject of my last long post, Do Funeral Homes REALLY Need the Internet?, was the subject of a challenge over at Business and Blogging.

Their post, titled Business Blog Challange Number Five: An Independent Embalmer and a Funeral Home, is part of a challenge to find businesses that would not benefit from a blog.

The post is written by an outsider to our industry.  And while the writer, Laura Spencer, is clearly a fan of blogs and their use in business (hence, the name of their website) she lays out a pretty good argument FOR blogging in the industry.

Check out her post to see another argument FOR blogs in the funeral home.