We’re starting to fill up our 2008 calendar here at Final Embrace.

And we’ve promised to keep you informed, so here’s the tentative dates/places we’ll be seeing our audience:

June 5-8:  Independent Funeral Directors of Florida Convention and Expo

June 23-25:  Kentucky Funeral Directors Association Convention / Mid-West Trade Show

October 12-15:  NFDA Convention in Orlando, Florida

In addition to my regular duties selling lotsa cot covers and schmoozing attendees, I’m planning to host a series of “Mort Dinners”, a kind of “geek dinner” with a decidedly funeral industry theme.

What’s a geek dinner?  Far as I can tell, they started a few years ago and grew out of the need for Internet friends to meet and discuss geeky stuff, like computer programming. 

They’re quite popular in areas where there are large numbers of Internet companies.  The employees, who might never see their coworkers or project partners because all of the work is done on the Internet, get together at “geek dinners” to see each other face-to-face. 

So we’ll be holding our first “Mort Dinners” at each of these conventions.  We’ll discuss anything ya’ll want.  Conversation will be driven by the attendees, so if we’re mostly exhibitors, we’ll probably focus on vendor issues.  If we get a bunch of funeral directors, we’ll talk about serving clients.  Either way, we’ll probably veer off topic, which suits me just fine.

I haven’t decided which restaurants we’ll visit or which days of the convention we’ll do them.  I’ll let the earliest RSVP’ing attendees help me choose.

So if you’re planning to attend any of these shows, drop me an email at finalembraceonline@gmail.com and let me know when/where you’d like to meet up.