Lately, we’ve been discussing how funeral professionals can use the Internet to reach customers in their service area.

I’ve suggested a well-made website and, for the adventurous, a blog.

Today, I’m suggesting you comment on some blogs as a way to reach your customers.


First, committed blog readers are fiercely loyal.  A well-made and relevant comment about a specific topic will get you some respect from the blog writer and many of the blog’s readers.

Second, search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) like blogs, because they’re constantly updated, unlike websites that can remain unchanged for years.  The first page of most Google searches now return both website and blog results for the topic queried.

So if you comment on a blog, and remember to mention that you “run a funeral home in Billings, Montana” you will see your comment returned in the results for a search of “funeral homes in billings montana” after a few days or weeks.

Want to get started?  I found a post on the site, Young Widows and Widowers, that could use a funeral director’s touch.  The writer, Lisa Iannucci, shares a letter received from a recent widow, who wants to find ways to memorialize her cremated husband without scattering his remains.

Here’s the link:  What to Do With the Ashes?