Our friends at Respectance (the main site is currently being updated, do don’t be upset when this links brings up a maintenance page), an online interactive community for sharing memories, have shared their own thoughts about the funeral industry and the Internet.

Ilana writes:

Upon further reflection, I think this sense of confusion is common for a transitional period. And with the Internet penetrating more and more businesses, I would call our period “transitional” …from movies to music to newspapers and mail services, the nature of our social networks has been significantly altered. Yet, it is not universally embraced.

The answer is time. I do believe that these transitions come in waves, with different aspects of society learning to embrace them, and gradually.

You can read their full post at the funeral businesses …going online?.  And don’t forget to check out the rest of their blog.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  It’s unfortunate that right after I posted this the Respectance site went down for maintenance.  But their blog is still up, so check that out while they tinker with their software.