The guest towel pictured above (from Flickr user MlleHyena via Craftzine) reminded me of an important issue for funeral professionals:  What kind of unspoken messages do your facilities, equipment, clothing and stationery send?

You put a lot of thought into your logo, your tagline and your advertising.  But what consideration do you give to the maintenance of your facility?

I once visited a funeral home whose owners prided themselves on their family-friendly setting and attention to detail.  They worked hard to be the “down-home” firm providing highly-personal service.  So why was their porch covered in 6 miles of cobwebs?

When pressed (in private) one of the owners confided that they had a huge spider problem outside the building and tried to clean the porch at least once a week but that they had so many other things to worry about.

And I believe them, as the service they provide to their customers is exemplary.  But how many potential customers will never learn about their impressive service because the massive cobwebs tell a different story?