I’m busy tweaking our plan for world domination (the plan mainly consists of going to conventions, updating our website and running ads in industry magazines) and I wanted to share a very important secret with you:

Smart vendors offer really good deals to funeral directors who buy product at conventions.

At the 2007 NFDA Convention in Las Vegas, we offered 10% off all orders placed during the expo. 

While that might not sound terribly impressive, our typical order if for one DELUXE model cot cover.  Our normal charge is $225, so that’s a savings of $22.50.

As I explained to many of the male directors who visited the booth, “Your wife is probably off at the mall or a casino spending at least that much right now.”

Interestingly, the female funeral directors were easier to convince, as the product seems to make more sense to women.

And there’s little financial risk involved, since our covers come with a 90-day money back guarantee and our new, improved 1-year warranty.  Which means that even if you order from us at a convention and decide later that you don’t want it, we’ll return all your money!

Why do we offer such a big discount at conventions?

Because we want you to say “Yes, I’ll try a better cot cover that will bring more comfort to my families and provide better OSHA protection to my employees!” while you’re with us, when the excitement is high and you’re aware that there’s a better way.

If you wait until you get back home (or, to be honest, back at the casino bar!) you’ll get consumed with all the important stuff (seeing families, if you’re at home or Miller High Life if you’re at the bar) and forget all about the wonderful benefits of our quilted mortuary cot covers with the revolutionary FluidBlocker lining.

Of course, if you see other great deals at a convention, make sure the vendor offers some type of guarantee before you buy.  You’ll want to know if you can return that pallet of pet urns within 60 days if you can’t find any buyers!