I love writing my own blog, but I also love reading what others have going on.

That’s why I read between 20 and 50 other blogs a day.  I like to add a few new ones every day, but there’s some that I just always go back to.

I’m a  big fan of Google’s software, from their mail client (I use Gmail for everything!) to image search, GoogleMaps and more.

But for blogs I use Google Reader.  By adding a subscription to the RSS reader (you don’t have to know what RSS is, just understand that it updates whenever the blog you’re tracking posts new content) I can follow all my favorite blogs.

Right now, I’m reading:

The Simple Dollar (a frugality blog that gives tips to save money in your everyday life)
BoingBoing (an odd compendium of even odder items)
Neatorama (cool stuff on the Interwebs)
CRAFT Magazine
Seth’s Blog (blog of marketing guru, Seth Godin)
Gaping Void (cartoonist and social media thinker Hugh McLeod)
Luann Udell (fiber and jewelry artist with an impressive command of language and presentation)
Funeral Words
Cool Tools
(reviews of great new tools)