When I listed the blogs that I’m reading now, I forgot to mention my friend Lenette of The Urn Garden.

Sorry, Lenette!  I love your site and should have reminded my other readers.

Just today, Lenette shared a very inspirational thought, titled Just Do the Next Thing.

She writes:

One time? When I worked in an office? My manager used to have a saying about staying on track. “Just do the next thing.”

It’s so simple. And it does help when you’re jumbled up and not sure which way to go.

Don’t ignore your intuition if “just doing the next thing” means taking five and stepping out to sniff a lilac bush in bloom.

You won’t be sorry.

So often, the posts here on Final Embrace or on Funeral Words or Funeral Gurus point toward trying new things or making changes to your business plan to increase your productivity and profits.

Photo courtesy of the Matrix Group, a company that provides consumer credit.

But constant change and introspection can occassionally get you stuck.

My advice?  If you’ve been at all successful in your business, you will instinctively know what “the next thing” is.  At the very least, “doing the next thing” will help get the ball rolling again.

And don’t be worried that you’ll upset me if you ignore my advice and do things the way you always have.  Everytime I sit down to write something for Final Embrace, I remind myself that the receptive audience for my ideas is still quite small.  And I remember that our 400-500 readers a day are from many different backgrounds and industries, so few of them will even be in a position to take my advice on a regular basis.

I say add Lenette’s recent idea to my pile of admonishments:  sometimes, it’s okay to just do the next thing without overthinking yourself.