A friend emailed me this note after checking out my blog recently:

Love the blog;  who knew you’d written so much lately!  But why do you share so much personal (and sometimes embarrassing) stuff about your business and mistakes you’ve made?  If it were me, I would accentuate the positive.

So I told her, in a hour-plus phone call, that analyzing and dissecting my mistakes helps me grow.  Plus, it might help others who were headed the same way, either in a business or personal situation.

Then this morning I found a Flickr user who posts funny, ironic or awkward pictures on his photostream.  Now, before you visit mmk_kobayashi’s photos, you should know that there are quite a few pictures of partially naked people in foolish situations.  Might not be safe for work hours.

Most of the pictures made me laugh, but others made me think about some important lessons I think can and should be reiterated.

LESSON:  When you realize a mistake, it might be easier to find a quick fix, but more often, the best solution is to invest the time and energy to do it over again the right way.

LESSON:  Your best marketing efforts can have unintended meanings and consequences.  Spend a few extra minutes thinking through your design or advertising words.

LESSON:  Lots of old people don’t know they’re old.  The outside doesn’t always match the inside.

LESSON:  Don’t assume that everyone is familiar with your technology or your jargon.  Even if the tech was brand new to your generation.

LESSON:  Have backup tools available.  Nothing destroys credibility like being unprepared.  Plus, you’ll look like a complete moron.