As previously discussed in the post, Booth Design, I’ve been contemplating our booth design for the 2008 NFDA Convention in October.

Here’s what I was last considering:

And here’s my most recent design:

I’ve done away with the two separate demonstration platforms.  Hauling one is easier (even though it’s just a PVC form with black fabric stretched over it) and by centering it, I can have demonstrators (me and a colleague) on either side, showing off the features of our covers.

This design also “un-blocks” access to the shelving units, where folded covers will be stored.  One of my main focuses of this convention is to get people to order right away, and having stock on hand gives the impression that we have truckloads of this stuff ready to ship out right away.

And our booth at the last NFDA Convention featured about 10% carryout sales, so having product in the booth helps us make money that way, too.

How am I so confident that this design is better?  Because I sketched it in Google SketchUp and “walked” around the booth in 3D.  The booth is to scale, meaning it was easy to measure how much room my guests would have to walk around the space. 

The old design would have blocked access to the shelves and would have kept our visitors on the perimeters of the booth.  This new design allows guests to “come inside” and stay awhile in our booth.  Two demonstrators can share a single demonstration table (over which we’ll open a cover and discuss the features) and talk with visitors without a barrier between. 

I’ve discussed why it’s important to remove barriers and invite guests into your booth in a previous post, titled Convention Tip: Get Away From the Table.

I’m still preparing the full convention layout for uploading.  Look for it later today.  And feel free to sketch your own booth designs and share them on the SketchUp 3D Warehouse.  Just make sure you tag them with NFDA or 2008 NFDA Convention.