Here’s a screenshot of the 3D model I’ve been telling you about:

This is the current floor layout for the 2008 NFDA Convention in Orlando.

I’ve guessed on the layout for the center section, but I know from the NFDA press releases that this is the “center stage” area where the general sessions will be held.  Julie Stanhope, my rep. for the convention, confirmed that it will be a “theatre-in-the-round” setup, so this is an approximation of what that might look like.

The columns are part of the convention building.  I’ve left the walls and doors of the convention out of this, but the next model will have them in place.

I’ve added a few funeral cars to the booth for one of the car companies.  I inserted them to give you an idea of the scale of the room.

I also put our booth, #1670, on the model, with the setup I discussed yesterday.

If you have already downloaded SketchUp, you can import this full model, with it’s 360-degree rotation and zoom capabilities, by visiting the 3D Warehouse.