Final Embrace is located just 40 miles from Orlando, so the upcoming NFDA Convention is practically in our back yard!  In fact, I lived in Orlando for almost a decade before moving to the small, sleepy town of Eustis just a few years ago.

All of which means I’ve got a lot of knowledge about the city, the attractions, various clubs/restaurants and other fun stuff to do in the area.

Orange County Convention Center by Flickr User dasroofless

Which is why I’m planning to create a website for those funeral professionals who will be attending the NFDA Convention in October.  On the site (and in special sneek previews on this site) we’ll share tips for getting the most out of local theme parks, bring you updates on plays and concerts taking place at the same time as the convention and offer suggestions for local restaurants and clubs for those who seek exciting nightlife.

Swan Boat in Lake Eola Park by Flickr User Jordi Gomara

Even better, we’re working with a few area funeral homes, cemeteries and crematories to bring some behind-the-scenes tours to convention attendees.  And since we know how important some of the training seminars are, we’ll schedule these tours so they don’t conflict with important convention events.

The site will be sponsored by a few of the vendors coming to the show.  We’ll also mail out a “catalog” of sorts which will highlight our events while showing off the sponsoring companies.

Downtown Orlando by Flickr User Jordi Gomara

Our goal, for vendors, is to provide an inexpensive way to send a pre-show mailer to those who plan to attend. 

For funeral directors, we want to offer some exciting, imformative events and some helpful hints to see more than just the show-biz side of Orlando, a thriving and diverse community that features a ton of world-class golf courses, a plethora of fine, unique restaurants and an impressive array of afterhour and live-theatre venues.