You can say a lot in 114 pages, which might explain why some members of the Pennsylvania Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association filed that many pages of lawsuit against the State Board of Directors for what they claim is an “incestuous” relationship between the board and the PA Funeral Directors Association.

You can read the full story here.

Without reading the full complaint, I can’t really comment on the case, except to say that the practices discussed in the news story are similar to laws in other states.

Basically, some states restrict the ownership of funeral homes to, supposedly, protect the public.  And these practices might, but it’s always good to reconsider your state’s laws every few years.

Other rules, like not allowing any food in the funeral home, seem conterproductive to the mission of funeral service:  providing aid and comfort to families at the time of need.

At least one of the laws, which prohibits a director from transferring ownership to non-family members upon his/her death, seems designed to punish rather than protect.

Anyone want to share their own experiences with these types of laws?