Fredric Baur, of College Hill, Ohio, was such a fan of the Pringles can, that he asked his children to bury part of his cremains in a can next to an urn containing the rest.

His children complied, since Dr. Baur was the designer of the recognizable snack container.  He died on May 4 in College Hill at the age of 89.

You can learn more about this interesting man in his full Cincinnati Enquirer obituary.

Of course, this story makes me wonder about the nature of the containers we use in funeral service.  What rule says a family has to buy a traditional urn? 

Can we offer other alternatives that will spark a family’s interest?  How many families that would normally forego an urn would reconsider if you offered something different?

Take a look at your current shelf of urns and ask yourself:  How can I add variety to this selection?  What might catch my customer’s eye?