I’m busy preparing for the 2008 Kentucky FDA Convention in Louisville and Google Maps is helping me.

Google allows you to create your own maps online, which you can share with others and access from any location with Internet connectivity.

Here’s a screenshot of my map:

You can click on the map to see it in action. 

I’ve added our hotels, restaurants of interest, locations of activities we are planning to attend and local stores I might need to visit for last-minute supplies.  I’ve even added a few Starbucks Coffee shops for my traveling companion (she loves her coffee!).

I can also share this map with friends, who can view the map without changing it.  Or, if I want to collaborate with a travel companion, I can allow others to help edit the map.

I added custom icons (by linking to an online image) for the stores I might need, so it’s easier for me to see how they’re related on the map.  If I need to do any final shopping, I’ll be able to plan better in an unfamiliar city.

Wanna see my map-in-progress?  Click here.