The second day of the show is over and we’re halfway to our goal of 40 covers sold.

Do I think we’ll make it?  The realistic part of my mind says we can’t possibly sell 20 more covers in our last 2.5 hour day, but heck, stranger things have happened

We met a lot of interesting funeral directors today and had some great conversations about the importance of beautiful, comforting removal images (that means getting better cot covers).

I also had some really good discussion with Spencer and Ryan from about expos and how to interact with potential customers. offers a pretty impressive product:  easily-customized funeral home websites with a wonderfully-simple obituary editor that look really professional.  Even better, a total website solution, including a custom web address (example: from costs just $29.95 a month.

Tomorrow, the Kentucky Department of Vital Statistics unveils the new online version of the Kentucky death certificate.  I’ve got a feeling (actually, Spencer Guiley had the feeling first and shared it with me) that many of our visitors will make it a point to attend the show tomorrow, if only to get some answers about the way this new digital certificate will change their business.

Even better, we’ve had a number of funeral directors who are returning Wednesday (tomorrow) to order something and take it with them.  Others told us that their bosses would be at the show on the last day and would order then.

So we’ll see how much we can sell tomorrow.  Until then…