I watched the finals of the tennis world’s French Open last month and marvelled at the ease with which Rafael Nadal dispatched his opponent in straight sets (6-1, 6-3, 6-0).

In fact, he didn’t lose a set during the entire tournament.  He played his best and won big.

And his opponent was Roger Federer, who’s won the last five Wimbledon titles and has been called the best tennis player of his generation.  Others claim that Federer is close to being the best player ever.

Except, he can’t seem to beat Nadal on a clay court.

I’ve been thinking a lot about “being the best” lately.  Trying to choose advertising for upcoming magazines, deciding upon which fabric patterns need to be added or deleted from our offerings and planning for future product lines have all put pressure on me to figure what might make us “THE BEST COT COVER COMPANY” in the industry.

And then I had a small epiphany:  we don’t have to be THE best. 

Often, trying to be THE best ends in failure, as you realize that you don’t have the necessary tools, personality or funding to achieve the goal.  THE BEST is a lofty height to reach, and the path, in any field, is littered with the deflated egos of those who couldn’t make it.

But we all strive for THE BEST, because we’ve been told that’s the mark to aim for.

I’ve decided to aim lower.  I’ve got some good resources (tools, skills and cash) that may not be the best ever, but I know how to use them.  If I can figure out how to use what I have to make this company OUR best, we might just make a huge impact on this industry.

First, being OUR best is a goal I know we can achieve.  Second, using our resources to their greatest potential will yield unbelievable results for our small company. 

Think about it – while only one person, company or team can be THE best, being YOUR best is attainable. 

Stop Competing on Their Court