eCoffins display at the 2007 NFDA Convention

Lots of talk in the media about “going green” and the ways that companies can reach out to the “green” market.

But what does it mean?

Yes, offering ECoffins is one good idea, and making sure that cremation is an alternative for your clients is another, but what happens when you don’t make sure that everything is green?  Here’s an example from the blog, Long Live the Village Green by W.S. Duke:

In this case, a cremation was decided upon, thus avoiding the toxic chemicals and the waste of resources that go into caskets. When I went to the funeral home to pick up the cremated remains, they were given to me in a large plastic container. Naturally, I was in no mood to object. I guess I was expecting a cardboard box, which would have been something much more environmentally friendly to put in the ground.

I’d suggest that any attempt to offer “Green services” be proceeded by a green evaluation by an expert.  How can you find a “green expert” or a guide to help you do it yourself?  Check out these resources:

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Dori Merifield, Green Business Consultant

Joel Makower, Green Business Consultant

Green Home Guide

Green Business Guide from the U.S. Government

Green People (guide to green-friendly businesses and products)

Greening Your Business by the National Resources Defense Council

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