Everyone strives to be “remarkable,” since it means press coverage and sales to early adopters.

It’s not different in the funeral industry.  Here’s a story about the first “pet funeral home” in SW Florida, from WINK News:

First Funeral Home For Pets Opens in SWFL

If you’re thinking about expanding into the pet market, but haven’t yet, I have just one question:  Why are you waiting?

Nervous about the return on your investment?  Waiting to see who else will enter the market?  Afraid to pull the trigger unless it’s a sure thing?

If pet funeral services are going to take off, waiting until there are two or three others in your market means sacrificing any “bump” you might get from free publicity and word of mouth advertising.

In fact, I think that waiting for someone else to open in your town means you’ll never open, because the market for pet funeral services, in my opinion, won’t be as big as the market for human burials/cremations.