For those of you who keep asking me “when will your book be ready?” stop asking already!

I know I’ve been promising the book for over a year now, but a recent invitation to speak at a funeral conference has finally pushed me toward the finish line.

I’m putting final touches on the manuscript, most of which has been taken from the pages of Final Embrace and our discussions on the blog.

But I’m stuck for a name!  The book will feature funeral home marketing and management advice (much like the blog does) but I want an amazing, arresting image for the cover.

So I’m offering two free copies of the book to the person who suggests the best title and a possible cover photo or image.  Don’t worry about crazy picture ideas:  I can find photos of just about anything.  I just need some pointers.

Wanna chance to win two free copies of my book, As Yet Untitled, when it arrives in early October?  Fire up those keyboards and leave me some suggestions in the comments.

Just for starters, I’m considering the title “Marketing and Management Advice for Funeral Directors” with a picture of one of those magnetic purple funeral flags on a white cover.

Anyone got something better?