I had a very pleasant comment from Robert about our recent discussions of FCA and their finances.

In fact, he was so happy that we’re talking about FCA and questioning their function that he wants to send us a donation.

So here’s a link so you can donate by PayPal or a credit card.

We’re also adding this link to our sidebar (that list on the right that shows a whole bunch of useful info) so that you can donate anytime.

Why accept donations?  Because I offer this blog free of charge.  We occasionally have sponsors, like our friends at Hilltop Computing, but the $25 a week we charge for sponsorship does little more than pay for the URL and other site support.

Do you have to donate to read?  Of course NOT!  Everyone who writes for Final Embrace does it for the good of the industry.  We don’t require restitution for this work.

Of course, if you choose to donate something, we’ll gladly accept it.  We’re not martyrs!