It’s easy to read a story in the paper or hear it on the evening news and dismiss it as “blown out of proportion.”

But when you see it first hand, the reality hits home.

In our recent interactions with funeral directors at convention expos and the kind of orders we’ve been getting for our quilted cot covers, it’s clear that Americans are packing on the pounds.

Almost half of our July orders have been for covers to fit the 24-Maxx or other oversized cots and standard-sized covers with a little extra room all around.

Of course, we love to accommodate our clients, so we gladly make covers at whatever size needed.  Anything with different dimensions that our standard covers can be made by choosing our PLUS Option.  At $50, the PLUS Option is an ideal way to get the right-sized cover for your application.

How big will we go?  Well, we can usually go up to 54″ in width (top + 2 sides) which is how wide we make the covers for the 24-Maxx.

Of course, if you need something larger, call us at 321-287-0628.  We can work with you to figure out how much we’d need to charge to cover the extra materials.