This is the final week of sponsorship from our friends Ryan and Spencer from

Hopefully, all our readers have visited and checked out the beautiful, yet easy-to-update websites they offer.

But since all good things (even the inexpensive ones) must come to an end, we’re saying goodbye to this round of sponsorship from them and we’re looking for our next benefactor.

What do you get for the money?

Well, look around for all the logos (if you’re reading this the week of 7/28/08.  Otherwise you’ll see someone else’s logos!) and notice all the cheap publicity they’re getting.

Second, search some of our posts from July 2008.  You’ll see that many of them end with a logo, which is linked to their website.

Third, we’ll thank you several times during the sponsorship period and write a nice post about you at the beginning of your sponsorship to introduce you to our readers.

Does sponsorship generate a lot of traffic to your site?  Our software tracks the number of click-through traffic.  For’s sponsorship, we logged 20 visitors who clicked on a link for Hilltop and visited their site.

I admit, on the surface, those 20 visits don’t sound like a lot.  But I remember several ads I ran in a trade publication (I won’t say which one) that generated fewer than three phone calls each.

Twenty visitors who visit your site represent undivided attention paid to your main website marketing message.  How often does a magazine ad convice someone to go to the computer, type in your address and visit your site?