This Wednesday, July 30th at 4:00 pm Eastern, I’ll be taking part in a teleseminar titled Funeral Blogging 101.

Hosted by Funeral Gurus creator, Robin Heppell, the discussion will include my friends Brian Hanner and BT Hathaway, and will focus on using a blog to promote your funeral home and inform your community.

While preparing a few remarks for the seminar, I found some interesting facts which cemented, for me at least, the reason why I write this blog as part of the marketing efforts for my company.

Because this blog was created to help publicize our quilted mortuary cot covers, I decided to find out how often visitors to this site have clicked over to our retail website ( to check out our product.  Here are the results, compiled on June 28, 2008:

Last 7 Days:  10 clicks
Last 30 Days:  23 clicks
Last 90 Days:  62 clicks
Last 365 Days:  291 clicks
Since Day 1 – October 2006:  359 clicks

Writing a blog was just one part of my marketing strategy for our cot covers, as detailed in the post The Future of Final Embrace, but it’s been very helpful to me personally and professionally.

The hundreds of posts here have helped me hone my skills and I’ve developed wonderful new friendships with my readers.

Professionally, the blog helps me create contacts with important players in the industry and magazine readers, along with those who stumble upon the blog, turn into customers for our quilted cot covers.

Also worth noting:  our sponsors also see impressive click-through numbers.  The Funeral Site sponsored us last year and have had 83 click-throughs to their site.  And since their sponsor logo remains on all those posts that they supported, they continue to get clicks from our readers.

The blog is also an effective incubator for my ideas about the industry and how to market funeral industry products.  The blog continues to lead to unexpected sidelines, like funeral vendor consulting and the book I’m finishing.

Of course, if I just wanted to trade blogging for clicks or dollars spent on my products, I’d choose another medium.

My blogging doesn’t pay for itself with clicks or orders.  But so far, it’s helped me organize my thoughts, write a book, secure speaking gigs, publish articles in trade magazines and meet important and precious new friends.

And I can do it all in as few as 10 minutes a day (but usually a lot longer!).