My staff and I are gearing up for the 2008 NFDA Convention in October.  And while the event is being held, ostensibly, in our backyard, there are still a lot of things to sort out. 

Here’s my checklist, so far (BOLD items are completed):

Pay for Booth Space
Design and Build Display
Purchase Flooring (carpet)
Order and Pay for Electricity
Design Printed Signage
Order Printed Signage
Design Handouts (catalogs, etc.)
Order Handouts
Create Inventory for Shelves
Book Staff for Booth
Book Hotel Room for 1st Night
Order Trade Magazine Ads
Write Convention Press Release
Write Followup Press Releases
Order Followup Ads

And since I plan to debut my book at the convention, I also have a checklist for that:

Finish First Draft
Edit First Draft
Finish Final Draft
Edit Final Draft
Design Cover
Submit Book to Print-On-Demand Publisher
Review Sample Book
Re-Submit Book for Print Run

And then there are the obstacles, like these:

10-Day Vacation to Alaska (we leave August 20th)
Thursday Night Football Game (I play center position – I know, hard to believe)
Full-Time Job at the Eustis Fire Department