Today, I heard from my mother that her niece (my cousin) was on the news with her husband (confused yet?) because they bought a lighthouse.

No, not a model of a lighthouse.  They bought an actual, historic lighthouse.

We’ve all got this romantic notion of what a lighthouse looks like, so I figured I’d add a picture of their lighthouse here, except, their Virginia lighthouse is definitely not a New England-style structure:

This is my cousin’s husband, Pete, getting the keys and lock from a Coast Guard representative:

Rich Condit of the U.S. Coast Guard turns over the Thimble Shoal Lighthouse to Pete Jurewicz, left, near Fort Monroe, Va. Jurewiscz paid $65,000 at an auction for the lighthouse.

Pete and Bonnie plan to restore the lighthouse (as required by the terms of their auction purchase) and use it as a vacation home or retreat.

Wonder what it would take to score a weekend at my cousin’s vacation house?

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