I’m a bit sluggish this morning.  Partly because it’s the third day in a string of rainy, cloudy, dark days in Central Florida.

But it’s mostly because my flag football team had a “do or die” game last night.

If we won, we’d make the playoffs.  If we lost, we were done for the season.

My team played great for 38 minutes.  Unfortunately, the game lasts forty.  I first noticed the breakdown after a referee’s call that went against us.  My players continued to argue with the other team and the officials, even after the next play was finished.

We got stuck on something that happened in the past and it took our attention off the task at hand.

I implored my guys from the sideline (I only play offense) to “play this down, not the last one.”

Unfortunately, we lost focus and allowed the other team to score and get back in the game.  Luckily, we were able to overcome our mistakes and hold on for a 2-point win as we knocked down a pass in the endzone with no time remaining on the clock.

But business isn’t like football, where there’s a game clock and a definitive outcome for each play and game.

Running a funeral home requires a competent and communicative team (even one-man operations require day-of-the-service help) that can work together to achieve a larger goal.

And it’s hard to know when your team has “won the game” unless you set goals and measure your success. 

One thing I’ve learned from my time playing flag football:  it’s easy to stay focused on a perceived injustice or slight from the past, while ignoring the “play” going on right now.

Watch your team, talk to them and don’t let them focus on things that happened “then.”  Remind them that the most important part is “now.”