, a website providing environmental news and commentary, shares the story, How to Green Your Funeral

From their story:

Let’s talk about specs, baby. The single most important thing you can do to ensure that your funeral is as green as you are is to talk over your wishes with your loved ones before your time is up. Whether you’ve grand green burial plans, a simple list of ideas to green your wake, or the faint hope that your mourners will consider carpooling where practical, making your wishes known is key. If your last wishes aren’t clearly expressed, it’s easy for loved ones to just do what seems easiest — a phenomenon you might call Leave It to Bereav-er. And golly, Wally, you wouldn’t want that.

The story goes on to discuss different options and even makes some suggestions to save money and reduce pollution.  Read the full story here.

Even better (for at least two of our readers), the story offers links at the bottom, one of which is The Green Funeral Site, run by our friends Anna and David from