Hey All!

I’ve got a funny request that’s also a bit pushy.

Funny, because I don’t think anyone’s ever asked you to do this before.  And pushy because it’s all about me and not much about you.  Sorry.  That just happens sometimes.
I’m re-writing my “About Tim” page to make it more interesting (no, don’t click it now!), since we average about 10 hits a week on that page and I think it could use a freshening.
I started to write a whole new thing, when I realized that it’s all just a bunch of ego-centric stuff about me!
So I thought I’d ask ya’ll to help out.
Anyone wanna write a short “About Tim” contribution?  That doesn’t mean you read what I’ve already written and re-write it.
I want you to write what you know about me and what I can contribute.
You see, most people read the “About” page to see if they would like the author.  And who better to tell potential new readers about my qualifications than people who are already such loyal readers?
So please, please, please, my faithful readers, give me a little paragraph “About Tim.”
I promise I’ll attribute your contribution to you with a link to your website.  And there’s no limit to how many people I’ll use.  I think it’d be cool to have a bunch of different perspectives on the same page, even if they’re not all amazingly flattering.
Any takers?