By the time you’re reading this, I’m in the air (hopefully!), on the way to Seattle!  That is, of course, if Tropical Storm Fay doesn’t wreak havoc on Central Florida and delay my flight.

Anyway, now that I’m safely off the ground, there’s a few serious things I’ve been meaning to talk to you about.


No, it’s just time for a vacation, so we’re off to a weeklong Alaskan cruise.

Jealous much?

I’m going to take the time to get my book in final order – lotsa editing to finish – and rest up for a very busy Fall season.

First, football starts again in just a few days.  No, not my flag football team, which, luckily, ends this week with playoffs on Thursday.  Yeah, I won’t be there, because of this trip, but the cruise was planned first and rain delays forced the playoffs to go two weeks late.

What I’m excited about is college football, which I love dearly!

Plus, our little company has the NFDA Convention coming up in October, which means a whole mess of cot covers to get on the shelf to prepare for the rush.  I plan to sell 100 of these things at the convention (many will be shipped out, but an order’s an order) and that means we’ve got to be ready.

If that weren’t enough, I expect to roll my book out at the expo and I have a speaking gig for Order of the Golden Rule at a conference in November.

To top it all off, I’m very active in Michael Holland’s campaign for the Eustis City Commission, so my plate is quite full.

A vacation seems to be in order.

We’ll spend a few days in Seattle, where my friends Anna and Dave, from past sponsor The Funeral Site, are going to pick us up from the airport and give us a tour of the city.  What better way to see a place than with local tour guides!

On Saturday, we’ll board the Norwegian Star for a leisurely trip into Alaska, with stops in Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway and more.

So while I’ll try to post from the road, I know I’ll be kinda busy.  That’s why I’ve scheduled a few posts to automatically post in my absence, and I’ll beg your forgiveness for any other lapses.

I promise, I’ll bring back some good pictures!