Minister Cathedral by vgm8383.

Here’s an interesting story:

The Archdiocese of Louisville and a priest are being sued by a Nelson County funeral home director.

Ron Rust, a funeral home owner in New Haven, says a new church policy will interfere with his business coordinating funerals. The Rev. Jeffrey Leger, pastor at St. Catherine Church, has a new policy that funeral directors must work with him when planning services at his church.

The story, reported by the Lexington Herald-Leader, doesn’t explain a whole lot more, except to say that the Mr. Rust is asking for damages because the new policy will hurt his business.

When I wrote the article, Thou Shalt Not Use This Firm, I was discussing this very issue:  a minister who doesn’t like you or wants to exert more control.

But that doesn’t mean you sue him!

I imagine it’ll be a long time before the Archdiocese recommends Mr. Rust’s funeral home to their parishioners again!